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Our Roles

As part of a multi-disciplinary team at LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School, we promote healthy lifestyles and healthy choices. These objectives are accomplished through classroom presentations, small group sessions, and individual and family counselling.


Student Health Records:
Forms are sent home with schedules at the beginning of every school year and must be returned to the school. The school nurse verifies all forms. The nurse then identifies students with health conditions. After interviewing those students the nurse creates an emergency list identifying each student and the ideal emergency health care for that student and relays the information to the teaching staff.


Every year the Level 3 students are offered free BOOSTRIX (diphtheria, tetanus, Pertussis) vaccinations at school. The forms are completed in class by the student (age of consent is 14 years old in Quebec) and sent home for those students under the age of 14. The vaccination takes place at school and the dates are printed in the agenda. This is the recommended population (14-16) for the booster dTap vaccine. The vaccine is safe. For more information please contact 811 info-santé.

For girls only:

From 2009 to 2013 the Gardasil vaccine (Human Papilloma Virus) will be offered to all level 3 female students. The above mentioned process under Vaccination is applied.

Herzl Teenage Health Unit

In collaboration with the Jewish General Hospital, a medical team visits all level 5 students and discusses adolescent health concerns.

Mental Illness Foundation:

“Partners For Life”, discusses mental health issues with all level 5 students.  


November – National Drug Awareness Week
December – National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence against Women
March - National Nutrition Month


Programs and Workshops

Dating and Sexuality:

Level 3 students receive five (5) sessions presented by the school social service practitioner and the school nurse dealing with dating and sexuality.

Healthy Choices:

Level 1 students receive three (3) sessions dealing with making healthy choices. Mrs. Hardt's Level 4 English class prepares and presents two workshops. The first session is on Nutrition and Activity, and the second is on Hygiene and Puberty. The third session is presented by a group of students who have attended the White Tiger Conference and speak about healthy relationships. The nurse, as well as the Level 1 Physical Education teacher, supervises all the sessions. The school social service practitioner and school psychologist are also participating members of this project.



Other School Projects




Programs Against Violence
Level 3: Dating and Sexuality (given yearly)
Prerequisite for the Date Rape/Violence in Relationship Program (Level 4)

LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School, in partnership with the Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux de LaSalle et du Vieux Lachine, launched a Dating and Sexuality Program in 2003 in all Level 3 classes. This innovative program has been successfully implemented through Physical Education classes which have been mandated to teach Moral Education. There is a strong need for this age group to receive information and documentation on this topic.
Our goal is to provide students with the necessary tools, skills, and information to navigate their way through adolescence with more confidence in their decision making abilities.
Facilitators - Nancy Gantzkow, BSCN (School Nurse)
Shari Isenberg, Social Service Practitioner – CLSC LaSalle Duration
5 intensive classroom workshops.


  1. Students will learn about dating and how to differentiate between healthy and unhealthy relationships.

  2. Students will learn how to break up with a partner and how to deal with a break up.

  3. Students learn about how to talk about safe sex.

  4. Students will learn about sexually transmitted diseases.

  5. Students will learn about contraception and how to use it.

Topics of Discussion:

  • Communication

  • Dating

  • Relationships

  • Sexuality

  • Birth Control and STD

Format -  Discussion  - Video  - Various activities/Games


Level 4: Date Rape/Violence in Relationships Program (given yearly)

An intensive six session program was developed to educate and to sensitize students on the seriousness of violence in relationships and date rape with the emphasis on promoting prevention. This program is taught in all Secondary 4 Physical Education classes as the Physical Education Department is mandated to teach Moral Education to all Level 4 students.
Facilitator - Shari Isenberg, Social Service Practitioner CLSC LaSalle

Six classroom workshops.
Format - Music - Videos - Discussion - Activities - Role plays
Guest Speakers:

  1. Police Officer, Station 13

  2. Survivor of a sexual assault during her last two years of high school by her boyfriend.

  3. Nancy Gantzkow – School Nurse


Topics for Discussion and Objectives:

  • Acquaintance rape

  • Sexual assault

  • Date rape drugs and party safety

  • Relationship violence – What is violence in relationships?

  • Early warning signs of violence in a relationship

  • Examining different forms of violence

  • "The Cycle of Violence" – The students will become aware of the cycle associated with violence in a relationship.

  • For students to be aware of the different consequences and effects a sexual assault can have on adolescent girls and boys.

  • To empower students with the information, resources, knowledge and skills to protect themselves should they ever be in such a situation.


White Tigers' Annual Girl Conference

Every year a select group of students are chosen to participate in a field trip promoting healthy dating relationships. The students attend a conference organized by White Tiger: an organization dedicated to offering personal safety and assault prevention programs to schools. The conference features exciting workshops and motivational speakers addressing topics such as healthy bodies and healthy minds, acquaintance rape, date rape drugs, party safety and relationship safety. The goal of the conference is for the students to return to school and share their experience with their peers in an attempt to promote healthy relationships and to sensitize their peers to dating violence.

The conference always takes place on December 6th because it is the National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women in Canada established in 1991 by the Parliament of Canada. This coincides with the sad anniversary of the death of 14 women who were tragically killed on December 6, 1989 at the École Polytechnique in Montreal. Beyond commemorating the loss of these fourteen young lives, this day represents a time to pause and reflect on the phenomena of violence against women in our society.

LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School Level 4 and 5 female students have participated in this conference since its conception and have found the workshops informative, educational and empowering.


Youth Theatre

Every year LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School invites Youtheatre to our school. Youtheatre is one of Montreal's oldest professional English language theatre groups. They have been touring schools and community centers for more than thirty years, presenting to about 35,000 students a year. Youtheatre is committed to offering world class productions on new plays that are written by Canadian playwrights. Most importantly, Youtheatre offers a provocative and intelligent way of reaching their audiences through socially relevant subject matter. LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School, in partnership with Le Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux de LaSalle et du Vieux Lachine, is committed to bringing educational theatre to our student population.

List of Plays over the years:

MARCH 2008 - Cranked, by Michael P. Northey
For Level 4 and 5 students.
Part of our Drug Awareness Program.

The Play examines the rising epidemic of crystal methamphetamine use by teens. Using unspoken words and Hip Hop, Playwright Michael P. Northey and Green Thumb Theatre offer a dramatic exploration of addiction and the drug culture.


MARCH 2007 - The Glass House, by Andreas Garfied
For Level 4 and 5 students.
Part of our Moral Education Program.

The play deals with the consequences of youth violence, aggression, human rights, ethics, and media responsibility. The Glass House is a tough, yet moving, story which poses some major questions about the root of violence and the meaning of penance, atonement and forgiveness.

MARCH 2006 – Smokescreen, by David S. Craig.
For Level 3 students.
Part of our Drug Awareness Program.

Smokescreen examines marijuana use amongst young people from the perspectives of a sixteen year old user, his concerned father and the young female Social Worker who is assigned by the courts to get the family back on track. This intelligent and often humorous production encourages its audience to take part in this contemporary debate: HOW FAR IS TOO FAR WHEN IT COMES TO SMOKING UP?


APRIL 2011- 2005-2000-1996 - Bang Boy Bang -, written by award winning Canadian Playwright Ed. Roy.
For Level 4 students.
Part of the Date rape/violence in relationship program.

Multi media one-man show for his honest exploration of the causes of violence in relationships
Interactive discussion after the play.
Youtheatre provides a study guide for teachers.


APRIL 2004- The Other Side of the Closet – by Ed Roy.
For Level 4 students.

This play tackles the issues of homophobia and anti gay hostility that are present in our schools and society. The show reflects the realities of stories and testimonials from gay and lesbian teenagers who have experienced discrimination, harassment abuse and hate motivated violence in our schools because of their sexual orientation.

Theatre is an excellent vehicle for dealing with sensitive issues because it provides a safe zone in which to focus discussions, while protecting individuals who may be experiencing these very realities in their own life.

After the play the students had a workshop on homosexuality. The Allies Program was invited to our school to lead the discussion. The Allies Program is an initiative of Queer McGill and project 10 in collaboration with Project Interaction. It is a youth based and run program. The goal of the program is to sensitize our students to gay youth and to help create a safer space for our youth in schools and neighbourhoods.


MARCH 2002- Idiot – by Marion de Vries.
For Level 4 students.

The play Idiot is an honest look at teen sexuality, substance abuse, and suicide. During a fifty minute monologue, a young woman tells us the story of her life, an on going struggle with peer pressure, guilt, and low self esteem. The young woman finds the strength to triumph over insurmountable odds, on a harrowing journey from despair to the acceptance of her own true self.

A study guide was used as a starting point for discussion and to encourage students to get the most of their theatre experience.

The students were introduced to the issues of low self esteem, depression and suicide before they viewed the production. A post show discussion followed after the production in order to enhance the students complete understanding of the subjects involved.


Level 3 - YouthNet Program (offered yearly)

LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School, in partnership with Centre de Santé et de Services Sociaux de LaSalle et du Vieux Lachine, has welcomed Youth Net into our school for the past four years.

Youth Net Montreal is a youth run initiative dedicated to improving the mental health and well being of youth in the City of Montreal.

Their core program involves older youth led discussion groups for younger youth about adolescent mental health and wellness. Youth Net has a team of trained facilitators (age 20-30) who lead open ended discussions about mental health and well being. Youth Net Montreal creates a space for young people to discuss mental health issues. Through Youth Net links are being established between youth and mental health professionals using youth friendly and community based programs.

- Focus group – one session which is 1.5 hours with generally 8-12 participants.
- Clinical back up at school – Shari Isenberg – Social Service Practitioner.



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