LCCHS Guidance Services

Graduation Requirements

Lisa De Paola
Academic and Vocational Counsellor


Students must fulfill the following requirements in order to obtain a High School Diploma:

  • Earned a minimum of 54 credits earned in Sec. 4 and Sec. 5, with at least 20 credits from the Sec. 5 level.
  • Successfully completed the following courses:
    • Sec. 4 Math (4/6 credits)
    • Sec. 4 Science (4/6/8 credits)
    • Sec. 4 History (4 credits)
    • Sec. 4 Art option (2 credits)
    • Sec. 5 English (6 credits)
    • Sec. 5 French (4/6 credits)
    • Sec. 5 Ethics and Religious Culture OR Physical Education and Health (2 credits)

Students start to earn credits in Secondary 4. Student earn full credits for any course that is successfully completed. In the summer after Sec. 4, students are mailed an official transcript from the Ministry of Education indicating their final grades as well as the amount of credits earned for the academic year.

Students (and their parents) are invited to speak with Ms. De Paola for any questions or concerns regarding their transcript and graduation status.