LCCHS Guidance Services

General Information

Lisa De Paola
Academic and Vocational Counsellor


What an Academic and Vocational Counsellor does

An Academic and Vocational Counsellor is a trained professional who offers career and personal counselling to interested students. Ms. De Paola is the LCCHS Academic and Vocational Counsellor. She can assist students in exploring their post-secondary options and/or help students work through personal difficulties. Conversations with Ms. De Paola are confidential, however, students who are under 14 years of age need parental consent to be seen.


Some topics students may want to discuss with an Academic and Vocational Counsellor include:

  • Relationships issues: Trouble making friends, problems with girlfriend or boyfriend, etc.
  • Family difficulties: Conflict, illness, death, divorce, foster parents, group home life, etc.
  • Emotional struggles: Feeling stressed, anxious, depressed, sad, angry, etc.
  • Bullying, harassment, isolation, social drama, cyber-attacks, etc.
  • Self-esteem, self-confidence, assertiveness.
  • Sexuality: Sexual orientation, safe sex, pregnancy scare, etc.
  • Academic support: Looking for a tutor, help with organization/time management, etc.
  • Post-secondary options/ what to do after High School: Graduation requirements, CEGEP programs, Vocational Training, Continuing Education, Adult education, etc.



Students are invited to email Ms. De Paola at for an appointment or come by in the morning, at lunch, or after school to set up an appointment. Student can also fill out an appointment request slip available in the guidance department B-235-1 and slide it under her door as well.