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LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School




Student Life & Leadership






Under the supervision of Ms. Kavanagh and Mr. Fournier, students from grades 9 through 11 plan, organize and run events throughout the school year.

The leadership program is offered to grade 9, 10 and 11 students that demonstrate leadership potential through their behaviour and academic achievements.

Our grade 9, 10 and 11 Leadership option classes work in conjunction to coordinate and carry out the following events for the entire student body:

  • Spirit Weeks

  • Terry Fox Run

  • Dances

  • Leadership Retreat

  • Grade 6 Mini-Day

  • Fundraisers

  • Photos

  • Student Registration Days

  • World Vision 30-Hour Famine

  • Holiday Activities

  • Help with the annual canned food drive

  • Make the Right Choice Day

  • Student Activity Fair



In all of the leadership classes, students will develop a variety of Leadership skills:

  • Communication

  • Group Dynamics, Teamwork

  • Organizational Skills

  • Self Awareness

  • Human Relations


Secondary 3   (2 credits)

This course helps students develop the skills necessary to plan student activities as well as many major school events. This course is an introduction to Leadership theory and principles.


Secondary 4   (2 credits)

This course helps students further develop the skills necessary to plan student activities as well as many major school events. This course covers a wide range of Leadership theory and principles, through workshops and fieldwork.


Secondary 5 Leadership 544   (4 credits and 2 credits)

This course is designed to provide students with opportunities to grow as people and to learn how to work in-group settings. Throughout the year, students will participate in workshops and organize many of the school’s major events.


Some leadership students get to opportunity to participate in leadership conferences such as the Canadian Student Leadership Conference (CSLC) and the California State Leadership Conference (CASL).


LCCHS Leadership is a member of:


Research has shown that Student Leadership and involvement in school activities boosted student and school morale.

When students are involved in their school, they truly feel that they belong.