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Jennifer Kurta 
Level 5

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Vice Principal
Levels 1 & 2

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Levels 3 & 4




LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School



  • Welcome to LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School
  • Anti-Bullying Week 2015
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  • Anti-Bullying Week 2015

Welcome to LCCHS!


Upcoming Events

12 Thanksgiving Holiday
13 Junior Lunch Activity Week
13th - 16th
14 Mini-Day
15 Interim Report Cards issued
19 LBPSB Professional Day
Federal Elections
31 Enrichment Programs
Entrance Exam

8:30 - 11:00 am
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LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School is a secondary school with a student population of approximately eight hundred students.


It provides its students with a disciplined environment in which they can work with their teachers toward academic and social achievement. We are proud of the fact that we are a community-based secondary school. LCCHS is part of the Lester B. Pearson School Board.

2016-2017 Enrichment Programs Entrance Exam Application Form

October 31, 2015
IB Entrance Exam

for Grade 6 students
8:30 - 11:00 am


School Hours

Warning Bell

8:50 am

Period 1

8:55 am - 9:47 am

Period 2

9:52 am - 10:44 am


10:49 am - 11:41 am

Period 4

Junior Lunch

11:46 am - 12:38 pm

Period 5

Senior Lunch

12:43 pm - 1:35 pm

Period 6

1:40 pm - 2:32 pm

Period 7

2:37 pm - 3:29 pm


Students will be dismissed at the end of period 4 (12:38pm); see calendar for dates.

Mission Statement

The mission of LaSalle Community Comprehensive High School includes providing education for lifelong learning in an environment of respect.

The commitment to social and cultural development is evident in the diverse programs and activities offered. Moral values are further developed by harnessing the diversity in our school and by encouraging community involvement and service.

Enhancing the health and physical development of our student population is also of great importance and is achieved through our varied sports program.

School Vision

LCCHS strives to:

  1. Develop confident, capable, life-long learners and achievers by providing a variety of academic programs that meet the needs of the individual.

  2. Create and foster an atmosphere of respect for all members of our school community.

  3. Promote lifetime skills by harnessing the diversity of our students and staff.

  4. Provide a variety of student life activities as an integral part of learning in order to develop a strong sense of responsibility, motivation, self-esteem and belonging.

  5. Foster a sense of pride in the achievements of the school and the individual.




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